Monday, March 8, 2010

Do You Listen?

We have had Comcast cable/phone/internet for two years. Let me repeat that TWO YEARS.

In two years we have been unable to access our voicemail which is provided with our phone service and we are charged for. Let me repeat that WE COULD NOT ACCESS OUR VOICEMAIL.

I finally straightened everything out with Comcast last week and I can now access my voicemail. [Oh, so lucky me as you are to find out. Sigh]
The box holds a total of 200 messages at a time [why?] and if it exceeds that number it will drop the overload.

I wasn't incredibly surprised that I had 200 messages to go through and delete - but I was unprepared for the people I heard on my voice mailbox.

Realize that I told friends and close family members the following [repeatedly]: "If we do not answer the phone please DO NOT leave a message as I cannot access our voicemail and I won't be able to know you called. It is a waste of time."

Everyone understood and answered in the affirmative, as in "Oh, okay. I won't leave a message. I understand."

Unfortunately, for me, they didn't. Or they are so programmed to leave a message I seriously thought I would lose my mind last night trying to erase 200 messages. One of the biggest problems tho'? Comcast makes you listen to the ENTIRE MESSAGE before you can hit delete. Oh Joy.
Let me repeat that Comcast makes you listen to the ENTIRE MESSAGE. A small amount of math will give you an idea of how long I had the phone pressed to my ear last night.

But, much to my chagrin I found The Greatest Offender to leaving a message when I have told her umpteen times not to is my beloved MIL. I swear I cleared off at least 80 messages from her. L-O-N-G detailed messages. My own mother was the second greatest offender but she fell off from doing it sometime back in November [I credit the oxygen deprivation] so she isn't as bad. But c'mon - I love my MIL but I was ready to hop in the car at 11 pm last night and drive overnight to FL to strangle her for NOT LISTENING.

The voicemail is now empty, I can finally access it and you are all welcome to call me and if I don't answer, please, feel free to leave me a message.

Just don't get chatty. My ears are still bleeding from last night.


Phelan said...


ellen abbott said...

You've probably got everyone trained now and no one will leave a message.

Linda and Denny/RV Vagabonds said...

Mea culpa, mea culp, mea maxima culpa.

Word verification; agnor

I didn't agnor Skippy's admonishment to not leave messages, I just forgot.

Linda in New Mexico said...

tee hee.
We have idiot Comcast too. SM had it fixed so I could access the voicemail on the computer or the phone and when they started piling up.....he got to clear them. Too bad, so sad.....hehehehe
But for you, I am so sorry, what a bloody waste of time. and Linda's mea culpa is too cute.
(((hugs))) until next time

ComcastCares1 said...

I am so glad you are finally able to access your VM!  I am sorry that we did not get this fixed in the beginning. I will also share your feedback and experience to my regional contacts so that we can evaluate further.

Best regards,

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Amy said...

That would be torture for me. I don't even listen to our machine because I HATE listening to messages - friends now this. I look at the caller ID and then call back. Usually the machine is full by the time we get around to listening and even then I just hit delete as soon as I know who the person is.

Sally said...

People don't listen and they also don't read. That being said, you were good to stick with Comcast. We ditched Comcast about 4 years ago when we had no cable and no internet for 2 1/2 weeks and they came out repeated to tell us we didn't have enough signal strength coming from outside, but failed to even attempt to fix the problem in that time. I could go on...but our clue probably should have been all the satellite dishes that the surrounding neighbors had. I'm glad that you got it fixed, though!

Michaela said...

Dear, oh dear. That is just crazy stuff. BTW what is the Comcast dude doing, reading your posts? Is that part of his job, to trawl peoples blogs for rants about his company?
I am puzzled...