Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mr. Ben -

-Gay is my friend.
I really shouldn't use this medication so much to make myself comfortable.

It is a no-no when you have a chronic condition - but I don't use it as much for it's warming, beautiful, tingly sensation. [okay, you can all STOP it now :P ha!].

I don't slather it on- instead I dab a bit here and there.


It is the SMELL that does me good. Have y'all smelled Ben-Gay lately?

It smells like Christmas. Really.

Or as Wallene likes to say "Oh goody, Mom smells like peppermints this morning."

Thanks Wallene.

Okay, back on subject:

I don't know. I have a hard enough time sleeping, but the smell of Christmas/peppermints makes it easier somehow.

The smell is just something that lulls me to sleep.

Just a dab will do me. :)

Unless Pooldad is snoring his ass off next to me and then it is a half -a -tube night.

I am kidding y'all.

Sort of.
I have receipts.


Gail said...

I love Ben Gay but my husband does not so I have to suffer.

Rudee said...

My favorite is Bio-Freeze. It works the best and the smell dissipates after a few moments. You probably wouldn't like it.

Amy said...

I'm with Rudee - I love Bio-Freeze too! My husband is a PT and it is his salve of choice, too.

Have a wonderful 4th!