Thursday, July 9, 2009

Don't Call Me a Liar

And expect me not to blog about it.

I have already posted about this but at the time did not name the roofing company on my blog.

I do, however, have an account at and posted about it there, giving them one star. Imagine my surprise when the owner of Pond Roofing left a comment on my review basically calling me a liar. She was nice about it tho' and said, instead, I was "factually incorrect."

Sorry Ms. Pond but you need to check with your employees. I couldn't have made this up if I tried.

First is my review [which I updated yesterday] and then is her comment. Please notice it is a one line disclaimer and then she goes on about how wonderful and steadfast her company is. I did email her but have yet to hear back regarding how I am factually incorrect **cough** lying.


Be warned - if you set up an estimate they will neglect to tell you that the estimate will START at $625 and escalate from there.
The will give you an estimate for free but to come fix the roof the initial cost is $625 to begin work.
We were not told this when setting up an appointment for an estimate [thanks Heather] and when the gentleman came out and informed us - without even looking at our roof - that the estimate would start at $625 we kindly asked him to return his ladder to his truck and move along.
We need a few shingles replaced - the roof is only 12 years old. This is not a high dollar fix - but the company insists on a "trip charge" that is astronomical.
Don't bother.

ETA July 7, 2009: Yes it happened EXACTLY as I described. When I phoned the office after the roofer left I asked "Why weren't we told about the $625 charge" The reply was UNEQUIVOCALLY "You should have been." It was stated EXACTLY in those words.
Betsy? You need to check your employees - those that set up appointments, those that come out for estimates and the person that answers the phone when I call back to inquire about the charge.
This happened EXACTLY as I stated and I resent being called a liar.

Comment from Betsy P. of Pond Roofing Co Inc 7/7/2009 The reviewer is factually incorrect. The events did not happen as described. Pond Roofing has never offered a minimum of $675. We have served Northern Virginia since 1964 and have been recognized as one of the top roofing companies by CheckBook Magazine and the online consumer List. We welcome any and all comments and questions about our services.
Betsy Pond, President


Rudee said...

You need to call Pyzahn's Uncle Guido. I hear he specializes in knee-capping. Hah. I hate these companies.

Marni said...

Good giggly wiggly.

Jane said...

Wow, how infuriating. We have a hole in our roof too and I'm reluctant to get a contracter in for this reason. Think I'll have to get the 'old man' to go up the ladder;-)

christopher said...

I hope she gets back to you personally so that you can sort it out with her, and maybe she'll be less of a bitch about it.