Friday, July 3, 2009

More Happy! Happy!

This weekend is getting better and better! :D

Tonight we are going to have Salad night - sounds boring, but it is so yummy - we make 5 salads - egg, chicken and tuna with potato and pasta salad and serve with tomato flowers and romaine lettuce. Afterwards we are going to a FIREWORKS display at a local golf club - who knew there are fireworks on July 3rd? YAY!

Then tomorrow is the fried chicken feast at our local park and more fireworks in the sky at night. Then there is the added bonus of our neighborhood firework extravaganza. DOUBLE YAY! If someone knows how to ship fried chicken can you please let me know? I have had a few requests - and mine is so good! ;)

But the best? Have y'all seen the ads on TV for Six Flags Amusement Park [if you have one by you?] We do!!! It is buy one / get one free ticket weekend. We are going to pack a lunch [to eat out in the car, on a break, because no food/drink allowed inside] and our tickets will only be $25.00 per person for the amusement park and the water park. TRIPLE YAY!

Wallene is beside herself with glee. I think she figures the Eldest should go out of town more often. :) [sidenote: The Eldest has called. She is having a great time in RI, but was a bit confused as to why it was still foggy at 11 am and they couldn't go in the ocean. Hee!]

Hopefully my silly computer will allow me to download pics after all is done - I promise I will if I can.

I am feeling so good - I hope this weekend comes off as planned. :D

Happy 4th everyone!!!


Rudee said...

Have a happy 4th, and enjoy yourself.

I wish I liked chicken, but I don't. Really. Don't like eggs either. Go figure.

SkippyMom said...

Rudee I hate eggs - yuck - but I do like the chicken and tuna.

Come visit I will make you something special. :)

Gail said...

Happy, happy dance! It just sounds like your good news never ends. Have a wonderful time and tell us all about it.

Yvo said...

Yay! And salad night doesn't sound boring at all. I only learned the joys of putting salads inside tomatoes via cookbooks later in life though I used to slice tomatoes and use them as 'crackers'/vehicles for said salads :) (I also used to be inordinately fond of eating tomatoes like apples.) I still haven't actually eaten any tomatoes stuffed with salad, but I expect I eventually will :)