Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yes, No, No, Yes.....

YES - Nuclear Egg Salad made by the kidlets with the Easter Eggs they dyed. So Yummy. And Purple. And Green. And Blue. And Pink. And Multicolored. It was a plethora of Jackson Pollack culinary skill. Did I mention yum?

NO - I realize I live behind an Elementary School. I know it has a basketball court. I expect the lovely sound of "thump, thump [air ball] thump, thump [air ball] 12 hours a day. I also know the school has security lights, but NO it does not allow you play basketball at 11:45 PM on Saturday night. No. It does not. The Police say NO too. Go home. [I was woken up at 11:45 pm by 3 grown men getting their "Shaq" on and was awake until 7 am. Nice Easter morning...I was soooo good to go in church, let me just say. Ever hit your head on the pew because you accidently dozed off? No? Well, it hurts AND it is really loud.]

NO - Turbo Tax. DO NOT use this with the offer of free service. It is not. And if you agree to the $29.95 fee to file your Federal and State taxes they suddenly add on an ADDITIONAL fee of $30.99 to the total bill. I always do our taxes, but it said I could do a "free" evaluation and by the time I had been mauled by their software I thought "What the heck? We are getting money the $29.95." Oh, no, no not fall for it. Do not succumb to the easy "Continue" button. WALK AWAY.

YES - Watching the Masters Golf Tournament with Pooldad. Although Phil Mickleson and Tiger Woods were -9 back they did make a run for the money. [We are big Phil fans :D] If not for that double bogey Phil made on the back 9 holes he could've been in contention. We still love him tho'. It is a traditon to watch it - besides great golf - the course is just spectacular to watch on TV.

I hope everyone had a nice Sunday and a great Easter. Hugs to all of you!


banquet manager said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog for banquet managers and leaving a comment. Welcome aboard as one of my newest assistant managers.


Gail said...

Wow, you have a ball court that close...I love night time basketball. I will be right over.

Yvo said...

I never use the 'use your refund to pay your fee' option cuz it's something retarded like an extra $30 to pay the $60 I need to give them. Sorry!