Monday, April 6, 2009

It's All About the Lemonade....

In this economy? When life gives you lemons. . . send your daughter out with a lemonade stand. I am kidding about sending her out, but she did set up a stand on Sunday and it was pretty neat.

[side note: sorry for the generic pics, but the computer isn't allowing me to download anything and I can't figure out why]

Our youngest spent the morning baking cookies and making signs for her grand adventure in sales. She set up shop about 30 yards outside our backdoor on the edge of the playground behind our home.

As Pooldad and I watched from our back deck [beautiful weather, trees in bloom, cold beverage? sweet!] we were afraid she wasn't going to have any customers. Sure there were a lot of people playing basketball, running on the track and goofing around - but they don't usually carry cash to the playground, right? About the point that Dad was going to walk over and purchase something to make her feel better customers started to show up. So we sat back and for two hours watched as lil' Ms. Trump raked it in. She was having a blast!

The final total? $10.98! At a price of a cup of lemonade for .25 cents and 2 homemade cookies for .25 cents? I would say a win!

She is so excited because she is off to her Grandparents' home today and shopping, manicures and lunch are in the offering, with her own money to spend.

Makes for a nice memory, don't you think?


Greenmare said...

oh that is so great!!! good job her! and I'm totaly jealous of anyone with NICE weather!!

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

It must be nice. We are getting the snow today.

Gail said...

Wonderful experience!

Linda and Denny said...

Good for you and Pooldad for allowing your daughter to succeed on her own. Her pride in her accomplishment will be greater for it.

Send some of that nice weather this way, would you?

Yvo said...

I love the throwback to the 'good ol' days' even though those were long gone when I was a kid. Wow, 2 homemade cookies for 25c?! I'm coming over with my change jar!!!

Also, a funny note - some little girl somewhere set up a lemonade stand and got shut down by her local counsel for not paying taxes or not having a license or something. It was a small town somewhere... you should google it, it was funny (but sad because she wound up not continuing).