Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Night at the Movies

Pooldad and I were discussing movies and the subject of the oldest's favorite movie came up.

He was boggling his mind to remember the title - here's how the conversation went:

P/D: What is that? I know....that period piece...18th century?
S/M:'re on the right track, sort of ...we bought it for Christmas. With Kiera Knightly?
P/D: Oh yah! it is....[snapping his fingers] I got it! "COURAGE AND COURTESY", right?
S/M: [literal *headdesk*] Ouch. Damn.
P/D: What?
S/M: Um....honestly? It is "PRIDE AND PREJUDICE".
P/D: Really?! Oh. [crestfallen]
S/M: It's okay honey [pats his hand] You mean well.

And that was my big ol' smile for Sunday.

On the other side of the coin may I ask? Is it wrong of me to allow my shark obessed 11 year old to own the "JAWS" poster [remember that? the big ol' shark going for the woman with the word Jaws in big red letters] but not allow her to watch the movie yet?

I think she is too young for the movie itself - but the poster is so darn neat [what? Americana.] and I was thinking of buying it for her. Thoughts?


Rudee said...

She won't be phased by Jaws. It looks sort of corny now with the old special effects technology compared with what kids see today. At least that's my bet. On the other hand, if she watches it, that poster may come down.

Gail said...

Buy the movie and put up the poster and when you take her swimming sing the jaws music while swimming with one arm up like the shark's fin.

Endless chances at child torture here...go for it!

Yvo said...

HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I just watched P&P recently! The ending is different from the book... you should have her read it ;)

Also -- Jaws? Nahhh, what Rudee said is true. My mom was incredibly weird (gee, ya think?) and wouldn't let me watch Poltergeist or Friday or Elm Street (I was not prone to nightmares, either), so I continue to not have seen those to this day and kind of ... well, it sucks. But she took us to see RoboCop IN THE THEATER - do you remember this movie? It came out in 1985? I was FIVE. Do you know how much blood is in that? Pffft. Hahaha yes weird parents.
I don't think I could watch Poltergeist now cuz the effects probably would crack me up. Oh, I've never seen Jaws either :)