Friday, January 18, 2013

Windows 8 FOR THE WIN!

Just a quick pop in to let you know I have been having a blast with my new computer. As I mentioned previously it came installed with Windows 8, of which I will do a lengthier review at a later date about the pros [many] and the cons [very few] of it. As for now I just had to come and tell you about the COOLEST feature EVER. Hey, and it only took me two weeks to figure it out. I am so computer literate. :) [That being a "Skippy Fail", and not so much a "Windows 8 Fail.]

Windows 8 comes with a Start screen that is similar to a Smart phone screen or an Android.  It has tiles that you click to move among your favorite apps, ones you have downloaded or shared from the web.  I really like this because I can keep all the favorite places I visit on the internet [The Washington Post, Amazon, my library, my kids' schools for example] in one very colorful place, making them simple to access. Plus, I can download various tools and programs, like the calculator or a word processing program, making them just one click away too. Easy peasy.
Looks something like this
Today I discovered I can "pin" not only MY blog to this screen, but I can pin ALL of my favorite bloggers there too!  WoooooooooHooooooooo! No more having to go into blogger or to my personal blog to find you guys. I just have to mosey [okay, one click] over any tile I want and I will be at the blog of my choosing in a second. It will be wonderful to have everyone in one accessible place. No more worries about me keeping track of y'all now.  Tadpoles, consider yourself pinned.

So, anybody wanna go steady? ::wink::

See ya' on the flipside - or as it is now the "CLIPside". giggle
Make it a great one Tadpoles. See ya' soon

*PS - And if you have been using this type of screen since Jobs was a baby, do me a favor and don't burst my bubble, okay? heehee I am lucky I know how to turn my computer on most days. Thanks.


Yart said...

I'm glad you like windows 8... Picky monster got a laptop for Christmas and absolutely love xbox music. She loves discovering all the new things she can do, too!

Marni said...

I want it... color me jealous.

CWMartin said...

I'm glad it is working out for you. I've heard all the stories of people who hate the new desktop, but with your explanations, I have to take that as being just whiners. Which I would probably be. A tech guru I subscribe to just had a post about very disgruntled customers that want to go back to 7, so it's refreshing to see someone who actually likes it. Hope to see your pros/cons post soon.

thisisme said...

Well dear friend, i am so pleased that you are having so much fun with your new computer! That really is fantastic that you can pin blogs onto the home screen, and that you can get right into them. How clever is that?! Do i have a tile there?! Hee hee!! Have a lovely weekend littleSkippy and take care x

Lyndylou said...

I want, I want, I want! lol I love the idea of my blog just being a click away on your screen. Very very cool!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I'm impressed. I don't have (or want) a smartphone, so comparing the new Windows to one of them doesn't hold much appeal to me. But I AM impressed with how quickly you picked it up. Good for you!

Happy weekend, kiddo. 12:34

EM Illustrator said...

Hi Skippy,

Wow that seems to be a cool feature in the new Windows environment. The computers today is a lot easier to use and it's nice to organize things the way you want it. I am a MAC user at home but work in Windows at work, so get a little of both.
I'm glad to see you enjoy the new computer.
Enjoy your weekend.


sapphireblue said...

I got notification that I could upgrade to Windows 8, but I haven't done it yet. I just might have to after seeing this.

Gypsy said...

Since I don't have a smart phone and never had an app in my life, it's all Greek to me. You are much more hi tech than you think, and certainly miles ahead of me.

Jill said...

Glad you're enjoying your new technology. I am always excited when I figure out one simple new little thing on the computer.

Anonymous said...

I too am happy that you are getting good use and loving your computer!! You are getting so saavy!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Yum Yucky said...

GAH! I just got a new laptop a few weeks back with Windows 8. I whined so much -- hate it SO MUCH -- that the hubs had to download an app that makes the computer mimick the appearance of Windows 7. I think it's great that you love it #8. I honestly just didn't have the patience to even try. I consider that a character flaw on my part. O_O

life in the mom lane said...

So how lucky are you!!!!! Pretty soon these computers are going to do EVERYTHING!!!!!! We won't even have to get outta bed! Glad you are enjoying it! :)