Wednesday, January 9, 2013

There! I Fixed It

Hope this new design isn't too hard on the eyes. Orange is Wallene's favorite color and since I couldn't get it to "Oscar green", orange it is.

I went back to the old template layout so now it should be easier to leave comments [Hi Diane! :)] and also much easier to see when you all have recently posted.

With my new computer and the fact I can actually sit in my big, comfy chair with it on my lap, you guys are going to see a whole lot more of me.  Hope you don't mind. ::wink:: Soooo happy. :)

Now it's time for bed. Pooldad made a very delicious dinner - simple, with hamburgers, steamed broccoli and rice with gravy - and I am stuffed.  Time for sweet dreams.

Stay warm, be happy and have a wonderful rest of the week Tadpoles.
As always, we'll see you on the flipside. :)

PS - My bargain today? I found a really neat "One Dish Casserole" Cookbook at Marshall's outlet store.  Great recipes, but for some reason all the seafood and vegetarian recipes are in the book upside down. heehee Still worth it for $3. OH! And if any of you has a Kirkland's store near you [they sell stuff to decorate your home and furniture] they are having super great sale. I found a full length mirror, distressed wood frame, for $19. cha-ching.



Sally said...

Isn't having a new laptop wonderful??? I had never had a personal laptop before. I have a work one that is only a couple years old, but it is big and heavy. Anyway, just before Christmas, we sprung for a Macbook Air.... it only weighs 3 lbs! I love this thing, I tell you! Right now, I'm lounging in my bed with the t.v. on and my knees propped up and the laptop on my knees.

I sit in the recliner a lot with the laptop on my lap, and if there is a cat snoozing on my lap, they don't even mind if I rest the laptop on top of them :-P

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Your blog looks beautiful Congrats on the new laptop. I've had mine for almost a year now, but still, after I finish using it and shut it down, I run my hand over the top of it. Like a caress. Cracks my husband up. 12:34

Tessa said...

Hey Skippy, glad you have an updated laptop so we can see more of you. I miss your informative posts when you are gone. Been thinking about you a lot lately and have to admit I needed a Skippy fix .... lol. Hugs.

Jean said...

I changed template too! I like the other but it leaves out too much and isn't easy for others. Hint: it is easy to hit the follow button again.
Congrats on the new computer. Mine is a large laptop which I rarely move off my desktop. I need the large screen for work. It isn't convenient to lug around. Fortunately, my son gave me his old playbook when work gave him a new one so I can carry it around the house. It's great for recipes online.

I love bargains but I have accumulated too much stuff so I don't shop much. I should really do a big purge so I can take advantage of new deals.

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

I, for one, love the orange! I experimented with that new blogspot layout - very edgy, very hip, but ridiculous, in that I couldn't find my way to sign in and do anything on my own blog. I'm sure they'll perfect it over time.

thisisme said...

Hey,hey,hey! I'm here. I am so pleased you've fixed it. Love the orange background, and all your little tadpoles are SO pleased that you are going to be here more often. I'm doing my own version of the Skippy Happy Dance! Hugs.

Lyndylou said...

I changed the look of my blog this week too :) Out with the old and in with the new eh! I am so jealous of your new laptop. Mine is ancient and so so slow. Hoping to invest in a more up to date faster model sooner rather than later :) xxx

Knitty said...

This template is much more reader friendly!

The cookbook was obviously written or edited by a passive-aggressive carnivore.

What is the rarest thing in a Steak House?

A vegetarian.

Ba-da-bing! I just might be getting over this never-ending cold finally...but clean your monitor with Lysol after reading this, just to be safe.

Gypsy said...

I want to get my old laptop refurbished so I can go back to enjoying the computer.

Anonymous said...

I love the new layout Skippy!! And hooray for a new computer - I'd love a laptop someday!

Julie said...

love a bargain!!!