Saturday, February 12, 2011

EX Marks the Spot

Or my Friday night. hee

Excited - I was very excited to go out on a date with Pooldad to see "The King's Speech".
Extra - We took an "extra" young lady with us. A really nice friend of Wallene's.  They wanted to see the new Justin Beiber movie. [We were extremely happy we didn't have to attend THAT movie.]
Expensive - 4 tickets, 2 large popcorns, 1 large soda and 2 small sodas with a box of gummy worms = $89.
Excellent - The movie IS excellent.  Worth the price to not have to wait for it on DVD.
Exceptional - Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are exceptional in their roles as the King and Mr. Logue.

and finally -

Exhausted - I started getting ready at 5 pm.  We left at 6:10 and by then end of the movie I was exhausted from the effort.  We made it home by 10 pm and I fell asleep before midnight.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  I won't be getting out of my chair for the foreseeable future, so if you need me you know where to find me.

Oh one more -

Expect - I expect anyone who hasn't entered the give away to please go do so before Monday. There's no excuse. heehee


Bouncin' Barb said...

I haven't been to a movie since the year after Rich died. $89? That is ridiculous. I know it's worth the night out but that is just crazy. Glad you like the movie. Nice of you to bring a friend for the little one.

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

You're so cute. :)

I can't get over how EXpensive that was. I haven't allowed my kids to buy the food sold at a movie theater since . . . ever. When they were little, I used to carry a big purse and sneak in Ziploc bags of popcorn that I made at home. When they got older I just told them to eat before we left the house. (I'm terrible.)

That sounds like a really nice night.

Jeannie said...

Movies out are just insane now. To be honest, prices here have come down for the movie itself but the popcorn etc is just stupid. I do love movie popcorn but we often cheat and take in candy or even cans of pop.

Odie Langley said...

After Thisisme's explanation of the movie I really want to see it but at todays prices at the theater I will wait for the DVD. Glad you had a good time though. Get some rest.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

LOL - that was too cute! I'm so excited to be at the old folks rate this year! woo-hoo! Saves over a buck on each tiket. Theater food is ridiculously expensive. We share a tub of popcorn and 2 drinks and it's still over $10.

ellen abbott said...

thanks for all the 'E' words! Expensive is why we don't go to the movies.

Trisha said...

$89 !!!! Thats why we have to take out a small loan every time we go!ha! ha!
(or we sneak in all our favorite treats :) . I know we're so bad! )

lyndylou said...

It costs a fortune here in the UK as well. I do tend to sneak in my own snacks cos I totally grudge paying their over inflated prices, I don't know how they get away with it!

Glad you enjoyed the movie :)

becca said...

awesome post loved how you used Ex in every word

bruce said...


Mynx said...

Extra good post.
Movies are so expensive here that we usually take snacks from home Or we stop at the supermarket and buy bags of lollies beforehand. The kids are quite proud of how far they can stretch movie spending money

Life in the mom lane said...

I have to admit I LOVE going to the movies but hate the prices!! So most of the time I suck it up and wait for it to hit video- and then usually rent it on demand via our cable service-pop in some microwave popcorn and for under $8.00 we have a movie @ home- the plus being- you can pause it when ever you want for a potty break!! *hee*

Anonymous said...

Yay for EXceptional movie dates!

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