Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things Filling Up My Head. . .

Not being able to blog and visit y'all is making my head hurt.  And, like, I SO need another pain, right? ::grin::

It's just so many things are happening out here in the sticks that I keep thinking "That would make a great blog post" or "My Tadpoles would laugh at that" or I just sit around composing this stuff in my head.

And it fills up.  Poor Steven works such long hours and with a 5 hour commute I can't bear to dump it on him when he comes home, but . . .the internet being the sketch bitch that it is. . .

Here's what I have so far -

  • Finding out I still had internet time this morning [Verizon you continue to SUCK] I was answering emails when suddenly our local deer - yes, we have a deer that we have named Duchess, that eats in our front yard almost everyday - decided to walk up to our screened in porch and SNIFF me.  Ummm, mmmmkay.  I thought my heart was going to shoot out of my chest.  She was THAT close. Hello!? Wild animal.  The dog damn near fainted. That was fun to watch.  She has wanted to chase Duchess forever.  Then she got a good look at how big the ol' girl is up close and personal. . .and well, I think she has been disabused of that idea. Forever. ha.
  • Squirrel and I were tooling around town [a relative term, "town", meaning we have a bank, a post office and yes! a liquor store] Anyhoodle - we took the fork in the road home and there is triangular median that meets the road.  And in that small patch of grass was a horse. Eating grass.  Just munching happily away like it had all the time in the world to enjoy his lunch.  I lost it laughing. Poor Squirrel thought I was going to wreck Ozcarz I was laughing so hard.  I mean, really - who sees a horse in a median? No bridle, no owner in sight.  Just hanging out. I admit it was pretty cool, but it was so, so. . .weird.
  • When we lived up north I would kiss my husband goodbye, he saying "I love you" and my response always being "Drive safe."  It means I love you too, but it was always my wish that he be careful and come home to me. He knew.  Now that his commute is so long I have added a tag to the "Drive safe" and I whisper "I miss you already."  It breaks my heart to see him leave in the morning.  It is so far away and I miss him painfully.  Does that sound dramatic? Clingy?  He doesn't think so. He loves me, but mygawd, these days are so long.  He called at 8 pm last to tell me he was leaving and he said "I'll see you shortly."  The tears that came to my eyes burned, hot.  I could barely speak.  "Shortly" is what he would say when we lived in Sterling and his commute was 30 minutes.  I knew it would 10:30 before I saw him.  There is no "shortly" in that time frame.
  • This is going to sound so petty and rotten, but I have to say it.  I have always wished for a smaller, one level home.  The doctors have told me as much for over 3 years.  Now our temporary digs are just that and darn if I haven't run out of things to do.  I can clean and do all the laundry by noon on Monday. I think I may wear out the carpet in the bedroom vacuuming it so often.  I have always liked house cleaning if I was able to do it and laundry too - but being on one level in a little house is too easy.  I really can't believe I just typed that.  Okay, well - bonus points, for once I am not bitchin'?  Hee.  It would be perfect to live here forever if Steven's commute wasn't so long.
  • As it is - gas is killing us.  Even if he takes Ozcarz, we are still average over $100 a week.  That is a lot considering.  And gas is cheaper here, but still.  He looks so cute in my car tho' - so I can almost look past it.  I do miss my car when he is gone with it - not as much as I miss my husband you understand.
  • Oh, and about Ozcarz.  I wrote a post a few back about how much everyone seems to love him. I am beginning to think no one in central Virginia has seen a jalapeno green car before.  People smile when I drive by [that is SO cool] and I walked out of the grocery store the other day to find Steven talking to a stranger [now our friend, I think, HI Hank! ::waving::] about my car.  They talked for 10 minutes. This happens all the time.  Ozcarz' brand [Chevy Spark] comes in other colors, but we have all agreed that they don't look as neat or as fun as the green that is him.  I don't know, but sometimes, at night, I sit in the garage and stare at him.  He makes me happy. Weird, right? I have a lot to be thankful for, but that car is just such fun. hee
  • Finally, thank you so much for the comments you left on the last post.  I had to get that all out there.  I am trying Tadpoles. I am, but sometimes even I snap.  And snap back.  I wasn't talking about any of you.  The ones poking me aren't even on my blogroll and I didn't write that post to hurt anyone, Tadpole or not, it's just can't some people just leave things be?  Why do people insist on beating a dead horse?  It's DEAD, get off of it already.  I grow weary from enough going on here I shouldn't have to want to avoid the interwebs too.  See  what I mean?  Really tho', thank you.  You are an incredibly strong group of women and men - a luckier woman than I couldn't be found to have friends such as you - I just wish the ones that bring me down would understand when I say "Enough" and leave it alone.  Thank you again for understanding.
On that note, it has finally, finally stopped raining. Again.  It's green now Virginia, we get it. Stop already.  I must be off.  It's still damp enough that I think a pot of soup is on the menu tonight.

I will say it again, because I think it everyday and I mean it - I miss you all so much. Thank you.

See ya' on the flipside. Smile loudly - Life is a GIFT!
xo Janine [SkippyMom]


CWMartin said...

My, my, where to begin? How about Duchess (JEALOUS!!!!!!)?. I've seen that look in Scrappy's eye. When a buck ran past him a couple winter's back. Complete befuddlement.

I was going to suggest, "If you want more to clean, and you have a long commute anyway..." but then you went on about gas prices... I mean, what says love more than inviting someone to clean their house?

Any word on possible moving yet? You know you're in BFE when horses mow the median!

Jean said...

What a horrible commute - I wouldn't want to do that once a week never mind every single day. I thought my son was nuts when he decided to commute to school in Toronto only an hour away so he could live at home. (Ok - he'd had a bad experience with a haunted house - who can blame him?)

Ozcarz is a cool little car. $100 for gas seems a lot - but I doubt PD could get a room for a few nights a week cheaper, sooo the commute is maybe the better deal. Still, I would ask around at the cruddy motels for a midweek deal a couple nights a week - and maybe arrange to work extra long hours those days so he could work a couple hours less the days he comes from or goes home. I know you'd miss him terribly but unless he really doesn't mind the drive (maybe it's his down time?) it could save his sanity.

I'm not sure what Dex would do faced with a deer - there was one at the flats one day but Dex was so busy hopping around chasing imaginary butterflies that he didn't even see it. Honestly, I have no clue what that dog is chasing but he runs like hell after it. You have me totally beat with the horse in the median. Our cops ride horses downtown and there are tons of old order Mennonites around so the horse and buggy is a very typical occurrence but they don't let their horses stand around just anywhere. Even the donkey in our town in Belize is tied to a post when left to graze on various corners.

Tony Van Helsing said...

It's beautiful that you feel like this about your husband, you should be a proud of yourselves. Is Virginia as green as your car?

colenic said...

Aww...I am excited that Squirrel is home with you...I am sure that the three of you are getting into a ton of fun trouble together (I am completely jealous)...
Deer in the back yard is crazy...but make sure you are extra careful driving around in Oscar with horses on the loose!!
As always..your relationship with your amazing husband inspires me to be a better wife to and hugs and great big smiles your way!!!

Gypsy said...

I would love to have a deer walk right up to me. I've seen lots of them when I visit my son in NY, and some of them stare at me while I stare back. We are communing with each other, I feel.

You sound more like your old self in this post. I don't know how you keep the sunny disposition, but I think it must just be YOU - your normal disposition.

Your readers love and miss you, and love it when you post - a long one such as this is a real treat.

Lyndylou said...

Those animals must be drawn to you :) Keep smiling my friend xx

Juli said...

I made GF cupcakes today... just because. :) I say that to Tony as well, and his commute is 30 minutes long. I can't imagine 2.5 hours. :(

Jill Thomas said...

I wish we could just sit, have a cup or ten of coffee, bake, oh, about a thousand cookies together, and giggle about everything and nothing together. Wouldn't that be great?

Sous Gal said...

Deer! Yay! Welcome to my world :) It's taken 5 years but I'm finally over my "OMG! A Deer! At my window! (in the driveway/at my door/beside my car). We have those whitetails with their little white bums and their tails twitching :)

I'm sorry you miss Pooldad so much. That must hurt in your heart :(

Julie said...

If you get fed up cleaning your place, you can come to me!!
I'll feed you for all the work! said...

We have deer in our backyard that don't even flinch when I walk out the back door to throw out the trash - still scares the shit out of me though! I had to laugh at now the dog, seeing the deer up close, has other thoughts of chasing it.

Yep, long commute, it sucks to be away from your hubs that long. Mine? Works from home, he is there when I wake up, when I walk in the door, when I come back from the gym, usually in the same spot, in his comfy chair with the laptop on his lap!

Sending you big hugs - I'll be in Roanoke on Sunday for the last hooray at my Aunt's lake house - turns out after my uncle died last year, its too much $$ and upkeep to keep it, so after the 4th of July its going on the market. So many memories there!

I'll be thinking of you as my plane touches Virginia soil!


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

It should come as no surprise that Duchess was sniffing you up close and personal. Deer love sweet things.

It's good to see such a nice long post from you. You know, when you don't know what to do with yourself, and the internet connection has pooped out on you, you could just... write. You have a natural talent for expressing your thoughts and feelings in an enjoyable way. Write a book! If I can do it, anybody can! You'd be a natural for writing a memoir, but even if you just wanted to vent, it'd be something better than vacuuming your spotless carpet again.

Love ya, kid. 12:34