Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mothers Day Mix

Hi Tadpoles!

Hope 2016's pond is warming up nice and that you all are in great health and doing well. This is Wallene and I wanted to share a video me and PoolDad made for mom. Mothers day is coming up soon and we wanted to make something not only for Skippy but for all moms as a thank you for being so wonderful and always going along for the ride. So thank you, and have a wonderful day <3 p="">


1st Man said...

Loved it! I know your Mom is up there laughing and loving every minute of it. The first Mother's Day is always the hardest, but it gets easier. Thinking of you all at this time!!

ellen abbott said...

Thinking of y'all and your mom.

CWMartin said...

That was so fun! The doggie video-bombs and the contrast from Black Parade to Old Days were my favorites! She'd be so proud... Great to know you're all doing okay!

Sherry W said...

Awwww. :) That was so nice! I did a double-take when I saw a new post was up! Glad you were able to post this! Take care. :)

Eva Marie O'Brien said...

That was a wonderful tribute! Really loved it!
Take very good care of yourselves, big hugs from Ireland!!


Teresa - My New Normal said...

That was just the best! I know I commented when I saw it on FB, but didn't realize it was on the blog, too. I miss Skippy very much and I think about her often.

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