Monday, October 20, 2014

Road Trip!

We are off this morning to take Evelyn to her first pick choice of a college, for a tour. She is so excited.
It is Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA.

We are pretty excited too. Momma not so much for the six hour round trip car ride, but I will be riding in style once we get there because we are taking the wheelchair. No way I am walking that campus. heehee

Got a pic' this weekend when the sissies met up at "Parade of Champions" at James Madison University [Emmy's school] where Evelyn and her band preformed [and yes, we are loving the pink hair :)  ]

I honestly can't believe that we have come this far and our last baby is leaving us in less than a year. I know a lot of you have already done this too, but I can't even imagine what next year is going to be like.

Okay, what else have I got today?  Oh, went on a car ride yesterday - such a gorgeous day and stumbled on this place.  SUCH a hole in the wall, but the parking lot was packed. And if I can get a grilled hamburger and french fries for less than $5 and a Coke for a buck - then this is going to be our new date night spot.  It's called Joe's Place and it is about as big as my living room.

And finally here are two memes I made for Facebook, but haven't shown here - hope you like them.

Okay - that's all I got, but I will update when we get back. I know that car ride is going to throw me into bed for a week. But y'all know me - I can post even when I am flat on my back. heehee

Hugs and love, Janine


ellen abbott said...

ooooo. dreamscicles.

I have no advice to offer for the empty house. mine never really left.

Gypsy said...

My kids came back home often with big bags of laundry. I hope you have a good visit to the campus and don't get yourself too tired out. The wheelchair is a good idea.

RunNRose said...

Glad to know that you have kids to be proud of. Hope your trip is a good one; that it turns out to be cheap in how much you pay for it. Look forward to your report on the trip!

Anonymous said...

My Mom was born in Newport News! Such exciting stuff, and while I know it will knock you on your feet for a while, I know you wouldn't have missed that trip for the world.


Jill Thomas said...

I hope it was a good road trip. Family time together in the car makes precious memories sometimes.

Yum Yucky said...

No waaayyy! Evie is not allowed to be so old that college shopping is next on the agenda. Sheesh!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I hope you had a fantastic time and created a whole mess of good memories. 12:34

SapphireBlue said...

It's so exciting to see her growing up!