Friday, April 26, 2013

Lu Xan said. . .

"Hope cannot be said to exist,
nor can it be said not to exist.
 It is just like roads across the earth.
 For actually the earth had no roads to begin with,
 but when many men pass one way,
 a road is made."
Wallene - Self Portrait


Jean said...

I have found that the animals make the paths first and people follow them.

I'm not sure of the relation between roads and hope though. I'm not getting it. But it sounds nice. Hopeful even.

thisisme said...

That's quite a difficult one for us today dear Skippy. I like to think that HOPE does definitely exist , for if we don't have hope , what do we have ?? Love Wallene's self portrait. She's her mother's daughter all right !! Hugs x

CWMartin said...

On the one hand, you could take that as terribly profound. On the other hand, it seemed to me he wandered slightly off track at the end. But China's a big country, so I suppose that's easy to do.