Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Slopfest 2012

Mud, whipped cream, syrup? It's all good! They had a blast:
 Their shirts are actually purple [Squirrel] and light grey [Wallene].
 They went into the house, through the garage, straight to the washing machine.  Then on to the showers!
 Can't wait until next year.

I have been feeling lazy lately. So lazy, in fact, that I didn't feel like taking off my red fingernail polish so I could change it over to match a pink shirt I was going to wear out. [That is REALLY lazy, let me just say.]

So. . .I cheated.  I painted the tips pink and put a thin silver line between the two colors. A modified "french manicure" I suppose.  It matched really well.
I need to take it off now tho' because my nails are growing out.  Next I think I will paint them blue, with red tips and a white line in between - y'know - for the Fourth of July! :D

We also picked our first veggies of the season.  We did it! We grew stuff we can eat. How exciting is that?  We also moved the watermelon plant and the yellow squash plant out of their containers into the backyard and amazingly enough they not only didn't die, they are thriving.  We have squash busting out and the hint of a watermelon plant coming along. Doubly exciting!  I think this weekend we will move our large tomato plant into the backyard too.  Does anyone know if the size of the container has an effect on the size of the tomatoes?  One of plants is supposed to produce small tomatoes in a container, but the other one should have much larger tomatoes.  We have a ton of tomatoes on that one, but they ripen before they get very big. I am not complaining, oh no!, just curious.

Hope you are having a wonderful week.  See ya' on the flipside.


Jeannie said...

Your girls are gorgeous even covered in slop. And they look as though they had a great time getting that way. I congratulate you on your successful garden. I know nothing about veggies that don't come from the store.
I love your nails and creativity. Mine would never get long enough to do that.

Juli said...

I'm so lazy, I don't even paint my nails. I wore press-ons for my wedding. :)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

The girls look like had fun! At least you paint your nails .... I like to play in the dirt too much. I am always painting or cleaning, too. I just keep them clipped short and am happy if I can keep them clean!

EM Illustrator said...

It sure looks like they had a blast there! :-) Your nails looks nice if you ask me. And it sounds cool to have them painted in red/white/blue and perhaps the stars in the blue ;)
It is very ok to be lazy sometimes you know. I am very much looking forward to the weekend so I can chillax again. Work seems to pile up sometimes. Have a great Day my friend.
Big hugs!

DeanO said...

It certainly looks like a fun time was had

Tracy said...

I'm so glad the girls had fun in the mud and you have pictures of the after look.

You are just being stylish with the nails. Different colored nails are all the rage nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of the girls - so fun!!

And your nails are gorgeous, I would have thought you planned it that way.

I never thought to do tomatoes in containers! I tried to garden for years, we have a big lot, but the bunnies, deer and chipmunks ate it all before we could.


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

your nails look great! mine won't stop splitting, peeling, and breaking. not sure what vitamin or nutrient i'm missing but nothing i've tried changes them. oh well...

the girls look like they had a great time. love the pictures of them.

congrats on your veggies! i haven't gotten to my containers yet so i don't haveanything growing yet. probably not going to happen but i can always shoot for next weekend. this weekend we're going to visit my mom.

have a great weekend! catch you later.

sapphireblue said...

Very cute nails. I thought you had a professional manicure until I finished reading the rest of your post. Great job!

Knitty said...

Glad the girls had fun. That looks like my idea of torture. I need to live close to you so you can do my nails. I keep my toes polished but not my fingernails. I chip it and once it is chipped, it has to come off ASAP!

Yum Yucky said...

What is it about kids that makes them love a good slop-fest. Greedy Baby played in the dirt yesterday (aka, "gardening").

So I have about question about your "They went into the house, through the garage, straight to the washing machine." washer-machined the girls? I should try this on my boy teenager. His armpits need an extra soaking.

Thisisme. said...

I agree Skippy, your nails look great, and I think it's really good that you still like to have them looking nice like that. What great photos of your two beautiful girls. Looks like they had a real blast!! It's very exciting with all your veggies doing to well and that you are enjoying eating all this homegrown produce! Sending hugs your way my friend.