Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sweetly Tart - Sort of Like Me :)

I don't think anyone would know how sick I am by the amount of baking I do.  It surprises even me sometimes. I suppose it is a matter of my need to do something, anything while all the other stuff is happening.  It keeps my mind and my hands occupied which, I find, I really need right now. Baking is the easiest thing I can do currently - and - bonus! - it has the nicest rewards.  Yummy desserts and my family's undying love. ::wink::

Today I had an quick, easy peasy doctor's appointment. An easy peasy appointment is one where I don't have to get undressed, no one sticks needles in me and I get to come home without nausea and a date with the garbage can.  We like EP appointments. :D  Especially those that go fast!

Since we finished so quickly Pooldad and I decided to go pick up some fruit and yogurt from the store. [ Rudee don't faint but I found cherries for $2.99 a lb and grapes have dropped to $1.29 a lb. YAY!]  The lemons in the produce section looked so beautiful I thought "I need to make something with those."  The only thing I could think of was Lemon Meringue Pie.  This being a pie which I have never made.  Well. . . since something like that has never stopped me before I bought 3 enormous lemons [56 cents each] and went home to make the pie.

I think I shocked myself:

Damn Skippy that was a good pie.  

Notice I said "was"?  Yep.  After we were done with dessert and I doled it out for lunches tomorrow there is not one crumb left.

Well worth it tho'.  The slight sweetness of the meringue contrasting with the tartness of the lemon filling? Yum. Just yum.

Tomorrow?  Chocolate Cream Pie. :)

[Sorry if  you are getting bored with all the dessert pictures, but honestly it really is all I do between doctor's appointments.]

This week  is really flying by isn't it? I can't believe the weekend is almost here!  Only two more lunches for Wallene and school is out for the summer. [That is 179 brown bag lunches for those of you counting.] Very excited about her being home. Yippeeee!  We'll have to see what kind of trouble Wallene, Squirrel and I can get into this summer.  Suggestions and ideas welcome.

Hope y'all have a great rest of the week.  We'll see you on the flipside. Hugs!


Rudee said...

I love lemon meringue pie!

I saw cherries here at $6.99 a pound today. Better than the $10 a pound last week, but I still didn't buy any. Still too pricey if you ask me.

Glad your appointment was EP.

EM Illustrator said...

Oh my that looks very yummy, it's a nice combo lemon/merengue. Glad you had an easy Dr's appointment today. And looking forward to see the chocolate pie pics ;) Sending big hugs your way! :-)

Spadoman said...

Being a diabetic, all I can do is salivate at the desserts. If I were to eat a slice of pie, I'd have to skip two slices of bread, a piece of fruit and a serving of brown rice. That would leave dinner laying there sort of flat!
But they do look great and I'm glad it keeps you occupied and the family happy.
Our Grandkids are out of school. Yesterday was their last day. Mrs. Spadoman will be spending a lot of time with them on the days their mother, my daughter, works. Family meeting later today to make some plans for every day expectations and for some outings we will be taking them to. Mostly the beaches at the lakes and camping with a few museum and other places to visit and see before the summer ends.
I continue to send the best your way along with the prayers.


Knitty said...

Yay for EP appointments!

I'm not really a fan of pie, but I do make a really good lemon meringue pie.

Side note: If you are going to compare yourself to a commercial candy (Sweet Tarts), you made a much better choice than Lemon Heads or Garbage Pail Kids.

~signed, Snickers ;-)

Shelly said...

I drooled so it dripped down my chin. You are such a talent in the kitchen. I hope and pray good things for you~

colenic said...

Glad your appointment was EP. Those are the best!! David loves lemon meringue pie...I do not so I don't make them often....looks fabulous...and summer is a good time for one. I wonder what project I can barter for making him you've got me thinking! Hugs and love to you all!

Sally said...

Glad your appointment this time was an EP one.

This pie looks delicious! I like to try new desserts, too, and they usually turn out. Most recently, I made a strawberry lemon tart. I wasn't sure how that'd go, but it was great!

Tracy said...

School is just getting out? Wow, you must start after Labor Day. Of course I'm used to university schedules now so everyone has been out for a month.

There are worse things to be doing with your time. Baking and making things for the ones you love is an awesome way to keep busy. Very tasty too.

Yart said...

Keep them dessert pictures comming. I would much rather look at them then eat them. Cause looking I only gain 3 pounds vs 10 from!

Jeannie said...

I'm so jealous. I love baking but since Gary's heart clogged a billion years ago, I had to give it up. I feel so guilty when I bake because it's like I'm wishing him dead. But then he comes home with the worst crap imaginable - it pisses me off because I made wonderful desserts. And yet, I never put weight on myself until after I quit baking.

sapphireblue said...

That's my favorite type of pie. It looks so good!

ellen abbott said...

that looks yummy. I've never made one either but it's not my first choice of pie. the chocolate cream pie now, that's more like it.

Anonymous said...

That's about the only pie I don't like, which is weird because I do like citrusy things.

But I'll take a slice of the chocolate pie! :D

Hugs to you and woot for having both girls home soon!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

My mouth is watering just looking at the picture! You can keep the chocolate, though. I have never been a big fan of chocolate.
My daughter and her family will be here next weekend. I would absolutely made a lemon pie, but, I have my orders. Adrienne was 34 on the 1st, Gavin will be 8 on the 9th and Chad will celebrate his birthday while here. He is new to the family and was unaware that you simply place an order for your cake of choice. He asked Adrienne if I could make a cheese cake, she said, "my mom can make anything!" So, we will have cheese cake, poundcake, and chocolate cake for Gavin. Smoked ribs by Dad and Mom's potato salad. I can choose the rest and I have been told to just wrap the pound cake up and she will take it home to share with her sibs.

Mystic Mud said...

YOU WON!!!! Ha, how cool is that....well, you were already a winner, but now you're a winner of some homesteading books....and I'm glad that they are going to you - a better home they could not have. Say, if I packed myself with the books could I get a slice of that yummy looking pie and a hot shower?? Send me your addy and I wll get your loot off asap!

Tony Van Helsing said...

Strawberry crumble and custard, that's the one for me.

CWMartin said...

"We'll have to see what kind of trouble Wallene, Squirrel and I can get into this summer. Suggestions and ideas welcome."

Well, the Hooters in our city just closed...

(you never said good or acceptable suggestions...)

Juli said...

I think you have read my mind. At a loss as what to do for Tony's birthday on the 21st I was thinking I could make him his favorite dessert... lemon pie. :)

Sooooo... I'll be needing the recipe. Please and thank you. :) (I'll be using our own GF crust of course, so if you could just tell me how to do the rest...)

life in the mom lane said...

that pie looked seriously delicious!