Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sweets For My Sweets

These make me smile:
 Red, White and Blue Cake
Individual Apple Pies
 This was a lot of fun to make.
My first attempt at a multiple colored concoction.
I made 4 of these yesterday.
Then [upon request :)] I made 4 more today.  :)
And that was about all the energy I had. 

I hope y'all are doing well. I think of you often and hope to be back in good form soon.

Take care Tadpoles. We'll see you on the flipside.


EM Illustrator said...

Hi Skippy, those looks absolutely delish ;) Sending big hugs your way!
Have a great day!

Crystal Pistol said...

I'm dying for that delish teeny apple pie. Yum! Great job. :)

Juli said...

Yummy. I have made the rainbow colored cupcakes for the kids... they love them. As does their whole classroom.

I have seen the bisquick GF mix. I have used it for many things, but I think my old standby (the Pamela's baking mix) would be better for pot pie. It simply makes a better, non grainy, crust. IT's what I use to make GF Pop Tarts. :) Someday soon, when I can bear to turn on the oven, I am all over this recipe. :)

Spadoman said...

You wrote:

"I hope y'all are doing well. I think of you often and hope to be back in good form soon."

I have been super busy, but this is why I came to see you on your blog, to tell you that I've been thinking about you. Take care and be well. You are the best Skippy!


Tracy said...

Oh those apple pies look so good. That would be perfect to make for our family so we wouldn't have too many leftovers and be forced to eat the pie. Not that I mind being forced to eat pie but my clothes seem to mind.

Glad you were feeling up to cooking some.

Jeannie said...

They look delicious! I doubt I have as much energy as you. I've never made a coloured cake. I'm pretty sure I've made individual pies in the past but found they required more dough and work than one to share. Lazy.

I have been craving carrot cake and/or pie but not making it as I am still hoping to lose weight.

sapphireblue said...

Yum yum!! The red, white, and blue cake is so pretty!

Rudee said...

While I like the colorful cake, I think I'll take my very own pie. Yum.

ellen abbott said...

the cake is pretty but I'll have the pie please. said...

I love mini pies! I actually bought mini pie plates at a garage sale - so cute and the portion is controlled.

Not that I've ever eaten more than once slice of apple pie. :D

Hugs to you!

Sally said...

These both look super delicious! I've several similar things on pinterest that I was thinking that I wanted to try. Tomorrow is the last day of school and then I'll hopefully have lots of time to try baking all of the things that I want :)

Greenmare said...

Skippy! Darling! you are a baking wild woman lately! they both look lovely. now it's time for you to relax and have me come and make you some pineapple upside down cupcakes!

Thisisme. said...

Eeek! How come I missed this post Skippy! Sorry about that. Goodness me, all these culinary delights that you are coming up with - must be the medication! Hee Hee!! The apple pie looks so good and is my hubby's favourite. That multi coloured cake looks so clever. With all this wonderful cooking, are you managing to put on a little weight at all? Take care and sending hugs your way.

lyndylou said...

Wow! and yum yum and double yum! lol
Glad you are able to continue with your enjoyment of cooking but equally I am hoping that you are managing to eat it :) Think of you often, hang in there hun x