Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can You PLEASE Stop Doing That?

Every year, without fail - I swear, every single year, in the spring, our landscaping company manages to CUT our cable line. Well, not just myour cable line - but the phone line and the internet line that run into our home.

Every year it is reburied. Every year they manage to hit it. And you know it wouldn't be so bad if someone, either Comcast or the landscape company, would fix the dang thing in a timely fashion AND rebury it correctly - but nooooooooo! We ultimately sit and wait while they argue over who's responsibility it is.

Now I can live without TV all day, week, month long. I can even forgo my own internet line as I have a very gracious neighbor that shares when things like this happen - but I refuse to go without a telephone line; not because I love to talk on the phone [I don't really***] but I am confined to this house/my bed 24/7 and if I fall or something happens I need the phone. And tadpoles Comcast just isn't getting THAT little bit of information through their thick skulls.

We were told to purchase a cellphone for me to use while they resolve this problem. Buwha?!?! I pay Comcast good money to provide me with phone service and now I have to spend additional money so I can have an additional phone [I will never need again] while they straighten this out?
I do not think so.

I should've known they were going to annoy me anyway. When we called yesterday to tell them the cord had been cut by the landscapers they set up an appointment for between 8 am and evening [wide gap, eh?] so Pooldad had to wait until they showed up [thus missing work] and when the idiot repairman arrived he checked all the connections INSIDE the house, informed us it was an OUTSIDE problem [um, DUH?] and we had to call Comcast back and reschedule. Again - Buwah?

So we are entering our third day without cable, internet and phone and they should be out at their convenience. BAH! Unfortunately our only other choice is Verizon and they are even worse than Comcast.

On a better note - it did rain all day on Tuesday and since it was so warm and cozy inside [and quiet!] I slept from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm with only periodic awakenings to toddle off to the bathroom [I drink a LOT of water :D] It was bliss. It actually works out kind of nice because if I sleep all day I am awake when the kids are home until bedtime and then I stay up all night on the 'net [and right now I am watching Harry Potter] and be awake for their breakfast and off to school in the morning before I go back to bed. Bonus.

Who says I can't find a silver lining? :D

***The exceptions to this are NMM, Georgia Peach and Pooldad


Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

This was my fear when we "put all of our eggs into the cable basket" and our cable company provides us with phone, TV and internet. When that connection goes, you're completely cut off. We eventually dropped the phone and got a Magic Jack - $30/year and you get unlimited calls anywhere including international calls. No charge. The connection is less than perfect sometimes, but for $30 a year, who cares?

Every once in a while I get a sales call from the cable company telling me I could add phone for only blah blah blah. When I tell them I have a Magic Jack, she says, "Oh . . . uh. . hmmm. and do you LIKE that?" I answer, "FOR 30 BUCKS A YEAR I FREAKING LOVE IT."

Life in the mom lane said...

This is why we dropped our land line last year and only use our cell phones.(saved us $400/yr)
And doesn't Comcast advertise that if they are late for an appointment they pay you????
I hate dealing with phone & cable companies.... JERKS!
*happy to hear you've been getting better sleep* **HUGS**

ellen abbott said...

We finally got rid of our land line transferring our business number to hubby's cell.

My neighbor across the street regularly get her phone line dragged down (overhead line coming from the pole across the street) by big trucks that aren't supposed to be going down our street in the first place.

Linda and Denny/RV Vagabonds said...

You're feeling well enough to complain!! Yay!!!!

We hit the road well before the combo packages were created, but I know how uncomfortable I am when we are camping in an area that has no cell phone reception. Most campgrounds have eliminated pay phones so that makes it rougher.

Knowing you, you'll find a way to light a fire under Comcast and have them groveling before this is all over.

Word verification: snesul. Gesundheit.

Amy said...

I HATE the cable people. We have our TV and computer with them and I am not about to convert phone to them, too.

A few months ago they cut our cable. When I called to ask it there were outages in the neighborhood they said,"no- go check with your neighbors."

When they finally came they found out that they had cut our cable instead of some people on the other side of the neighborhood who had canceled their service.

Good luck

Michaela said...

Hi there Skippy me darlin', I just wanna say hi. Im back from my little trip away. Been worrying about you. So sorry youve been sicker lately. Im so glad u are able to read our posts and feel in touch. I was worried u had gone to Hosp. I hope your phone prob is fixed soon. Will post & email tomorrow once I get a rest.

Life in the mom lane said...

oh yeah, by the way- I left you an award on my blog :)