Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Retro in the Pond

That should probably read archaic, but let's go with retro - sounds cooler.

It's no secret I don't own a cellphone. I don't need one. I hardly go anywhere alone, and if I do I am usually back at home within an hour or two. So, if the school, my family or friends need me? The house phone works just fine.

Not owning a cellphone isn't retro, but my house phone is.  Check this out. . .it was my grandparents and sat on their desk for as long as I can remember:

It's a stock photo, but our phone looks exactly like that.  I have the phone because when my grandparents passed away my mom took it because she thought the great grandkids would get a kick out of playing with it.  They did. They all love this phone.  They had never seen one until my mom put this one in the toy box. This phone is in my will because otherwise they are going to bicker.

The biggest bonus to this phone is, obviously, that it belonged to my grandparents and I have such fond memories of them and being at their house. When it rings here, it reminds me of being with them on the farm.

However - it has a few drawbacks.  First, the ringer is LOUD. Dang LOUD. So loud that everytime it rings the dog goes bonkers and tries to attack it, but we never miss a call.  I could be over at the neighbor's across the street and I can hear this thing.  Second, it is rotary.  I know we all grew up with rotary phones, but raise your hand if you have dialed one in 30 years.  Tadpoles - it is a serious time commitment when you are used to push button phones. I will get all excited to call my MIL or Steven to tell them something and I am standing there for a good minute DIALING. giggle I know - no big deal, but I tease my husband all the time and tell him that he needs to call me, I don't have time to dial. And finally, let's all admit it - it's brown. Brown isn't a bad color, but brown? It's ugly.

But I love it.

Let's continue onto other things we own [or don't own] that are out of the norm for the 21st century.

We don't have a drip coffee pot or a coffee maker.  I make Steven's coffee in our camp coffee pot.  Yeah, no kidding.  When we moved we misplaced our automatic coffee maker and in a "first day in our new home desperation" move I pulled this out.

Again, a stock photo but that's our pot, but ours has wear and tear. Steven loves the taste of the coffee so in the 14 months we have lived here I just never bothered to go buy another Mr. Coffee or a Kuerig.

Which brings me to having to admit we do not own a microwave either. ::GASP:: We did. In fact since we moved in we have owned two.  But we have had two electric blow outs in our home - one even set part of the basement on fire OH JOY! - and in the process roached both of our microwaves.  Turns out that the electrical company hadn't grounded our home outside, eventhough they came  out the first time and said it was an inside issue.  We had an electrician in after the first power surge and thought we had solved the problem, but nope. It happened again and it was the electric company. They fixed it and we haven't had any fires or flashing lights in over 6 months. ::skippyhappydance::

Not having a microwave kind of sucks.  I never cooked in it, but I liked it for tea, oatmeal and reheating food.  Now I reheat my lunch in the oven - and being the instant gratification kind of gal that I am [see what I mean about dialing the dang phone?] I hate waiting.  Tea and oatmeal, which is an almost everyday thing for me, is a little bit better because I unearthed the "Teapot From Hell" in our move.

Anyone remember this little number?
It is a Rachael Ray teapot that I received for free - I only had to agree to post on my blog about it.  And boy did I!  This tea pot is a hazard, but it's so happy I never got rid of it.  If you want to read the review of it's faults, it's here:  The Rachael Ray Teapot Has Arrived.  I was honest - and I found out that in recent years they have actually redesigned the teapot based on reviews like mine and other bloggers.  Since I am intimate with it's faults I know how to use it without harm. I am just glad they don't produce it anymore.

Basically, we're living in the 1950s and you know what?  It works for us.

But really? I wish the ringer dial wasn't broken on my grandparents' phone. I don't know how much more of this Spot can take. :)

Smile loudly. Life is a gift.
We'll see ya on the flipside Tadpoles.
Love and hugs, Janine



Gizzy said...

And numbers like my parent's, with 0's and 9's always took so long. I can hear it now,

"shhhwoo . . . ttttttt"!

Like my sound effects!?!

Tracy said...

I had a rotary phone app on my ipad so I could pretend to dial. I'm surprised it can plug into the wall and not be hard wired.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I'm sure you won't be surprised to know we have three rotary phones. We also have some push-button ones, but I especially love the wonderful 1930s era rotary phone here in my office. (It's so heavy, it could also double as a weapon!)

We've got (and still use) many old-fashioned gizmos and gadgets around here. Suits us!


Anonymous said...

When Hannah was about five we are at my friends grandparents house, and she wanted to call my Mom about something. They had a rotary phone and Hannah kept putting her fingers in the circles before she yelled "this phone doesn't work!"

I was so happy when my sister and I got a push button EXTENSION in our bedroom when we turned 16 - not our own line, just another one we could keep in our room and we thought we were hot shit!

CWMartin said...

I guess I'm not surprised you don't have a microwave. I am glad that your chosen route of getting rid of them didn't cause a more irrepairable harm!

Gypsy said...

I love the phone! I'd get one myself (if I could find a retro model) but how would I plug it in? Every now and then I want to use my microwave but I have to take all the stuff out that I store in it - bread, Clif Bars, crackers, etc.

Yum Yucky said...

I envy your retro style! I wish had kept a few of these gems from back in the day. It's funny because there are some people (like my boss) who set their cell phone ringtone to sound like these old phones. I guess they long for the olden days, too.

SapphireBlue said...

Those old rotary phones make a great defense weapon. Our old phone weighed 20 pounds.

life in the mom lane said...

We used to have one like that... Thinking about way back when... Best coffee I ever had was in an avocado green percolator that was my grandmothers. It died and I succumbed to Mr. coffee and later Keurig. But my Keurig broke and I have gone retro again... Got a brand spanking new percolator.


You have no idea how hard it was to even FIND a percolator!!!

Sue Berry said...

I'm totally loving how you embraced the retro vibe with your cookware and appliances. The stories cracked me up too. Hahaha! Kudos to you guys for making the 1950s living work! Thanks for sharing that! Wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving!

Sue Berry @ Advanced