Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Inadvertent Selfie [and other pics']

Is "Selfie" the right word? Wallene has a grand time laughing at her Momma attempt internet speech, but...okay. I have the keys to the car kid. Hush. hee

I was trying to get y'all some good pics of the new house and I took this one by mistake.
Turned out to be a pretty good pic' tho' because you can see our lawn and the neighbor's place across the street.
Well, I thought so anyway.

 And this is what I meant it to look like [without me in the glass door. ::grin::]
Our front lawn. The leaves started falling yesterday.
 Have fun Wallene!
Side yard leading to the street. I helped mow that. I am very happy about that. :)
 Our neighbors have a chicken coop [and a GORGEOUS lawn]
I want chickens too.
 Spottie patrolling her property.
Our new washer and dryer.
Told you they were cool!
 The only stairs I have to navigate.
12 steps instead of 37.
 And finally. . .the birthday girl.
It isn't much Tadpoles but it's about the best I can do right now. If you know me on Facebook then you understand the trial I have been having getting internet/cable in here. Wore me out a bit - but absolutely NO worries.  It's all good and nothing, not Comcast or DISHnetwork, could dampen my enthusiasm for our new home.

You guys are the best and I thank you.  Gotta scoot. A wee bit tired.

See ya' on the flipside of another glorious day. Hugs xo Janine


colenic said...

I love the pictures...and hope that you are feeling okay...I was worried about you last night...
hugs and love to you (and Wallene and Pooldad!!)

ellen abbott said...

I thought our 1/2 acre was big. and I wanted at least an acre. it's all looking very good.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

looks like home ..... enjoy!

SapphireBlue said...

I'm so happy you are finally in your home. It looks wonderful. Congratulations.

PalmCityGirl said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.
God bless

Tony Van Helsing said...

Thanks for the pics, that lawn is enormous. you could play a full football game on it. Proper football I mean, not that thing you guys in the States play with the helmets.

Marni said...

Love it all... but to be honest... I want to know about the cute, blonde football player. HELLO?!

Juli said...

I have lawn envy now.

Our front is nothing but a pile of dusty dirt, until I can get my foot healed enough to use a shovel. :(

Anonymous said...

Ha, love the selfie! I am on Instagram so I have a zillion of those. :D

The lawn, house, washer/dryer, Wallene's birthday - ALL GOOD! Makes me smile friend! Hugs and love.

thisisme said...

Love the photo of the birthday girl with her candles! I hope you;re feeling a little easier today. We all really worry that you might be overdoing things over there. That's an awful lot of lawn to cut, but I can imagine how chuffed you felt at being able to do your bit! I adore that front porch. Take care dear Skippy :) Hugs.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Just look at your beautiful self(ie)! Your new place looks wonderful. I'm a little early, but tough! Let me wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, kiddo. I hope you and your honey have an awesome day. Here's a big birthday HUUUUUUUG! (Hope I didn't squeeze too tight.)

lotta joy said...

We always look better accidentally. I look my worse when I try to stand straight, lift my chin, smile and not blink. I think I'll go take a photo of my glass door.