Sunday, October 28, 2012

Okay, NOW You Have My Attention

The "Frankenstorm" is coming! The "Frankenstorm" is coming!

They have already cancelled schools for Monday. [While I was typing this they closed the Federal Government, which means Pooldad is off too! Yippppppppppeee!]

Wow.  In my 41 years in Virginia, this is a first.  Cancelling school on the threat of a possible hurricane or hurricane conditions?  Unprecedented in this part of the world.

If you know anything about me and my undying LOVE of snow days - then you know I am doing the ::skippyhappydance:: right now.  A whole day to slug  about in pajamas with Wallene and Pooldad watching the storm pass through., playing cards, noshing and listening to updates on our portable radio. Perfect kind of day if you ask me.

Don't misunderstand me. I realize that this is very serious and with that knowledge we are prepared. Actually more prepared than we have ever been for a non snow emergency.  We have destocked the refrigerator, taking it down to almost no perishable food, so when we lose power we don't lose food and don't have to worry about finding ice.  We have car chargers for our phones and a battery powered radio.  On hand, without having to purchase just for the storm [thank goodness because the stores are crazy], we have non perishable canned goods with requisite hand can opener, [always] bottled water, batteries, propane [for outdoor cooking] and a stockpile of blankets for when we lose heat.  The only thing we had to buy were 3 candles to round out our stock. We use those sparingly anyway. I fear fire. :/  Our gas tanks are full and we have cash on hand.  The outside is secure with Oscar tucked safely in the garage.  I am  just glad that, for once, I thought to have us eat through all the food, milk and juices without buying more so we didn't have to worry about ice, coolers or losing $$$.  Definitely a first for me. heehee [And if I forgot anything on that list, please don't remind me - nothing I can do about it now. eek!]  If it looks as though we are going to be without power for an extended period of time we are prepared to trek out to the country house and stay there a while.  It would be a hardship ::dramatic sigh:: but I'm willing. ::wink::

We are very fortunate that we live in an interior, brick town home and the winds come from the sides.  We aren't in danger of losing windows, just a few roof shingles if the past is any indicator. No old, tall trees to fall on the house, tho' a few of us could lose a deck or two. We live by a creek that is prone to flooding, but it has about 100 yards, uphill to reach us before we could even consider a wet basement.  I understand this storm is more about the winds than the rain. Although. . . they do have a blizzard warning in effect less than 100 miles from us.  Weird, huh?  We have it all going on. :D

It promises to be a fun and interesting few days.  When I have internet back I will be here with an update I promise.  If I can figure it out I can also make a short post on my cheapy cell phone.  We'll be fine tho' I am sure.

Speaking of the internet I had to laugh at the email that Verizon, our internet provider, sent to all their customers.  It was a form letter about the possible severity of the impending storm, detailing what might happen and listed steps on how to reboot your system, etc. The FUNNIEST part of the whole letter was their disclaimer that in the event of a power outage their customers would be without cable and television until the power was restored.  They went on to say that a power outage resulting in loss of cable and television was, in no way, the fault of Verizon.  In very firm language they asked that customers NOT call their offices requesting that these services be restored while the power was still out.  They actually had to remind people that IF THEY ARE WITHOUT POWER THEY WILL BE WITHOUT CABLE AND INTERNET.  giggle  I don't know why I find that so darn funny, but I guess they deal with a lot of [not so bright] angry people that can't watch their "Honey Boo Boo" or download porn right.that.minute.GRRRR giggle  I absolutely hate Verizon [there is a whole 'nother post] but in this instance I do feel for them. [**Anyone notice how many times I had to repeat "without power" or "power outage"?  I think Verizon wrote it twice as many times. HA]

I do have a lot to keep me busy this week, even without power.  I think I might hand write a few blog posts or draw some cartoons to catch our lives up to the present.  For someone who writes her blog as a journal for her family I sure have some huge gaps this year. oops. I best get on it, dontcha' think?

I have been getting around and reading y'all, but not commenting too much.  I hope everyone is still doing wonderfully well and if you are in the path of this storm too I tip my glass of tea to you and send you prayers and best wishes.  Stay safe, dry and warm.  We'll be thinking of you.

The rest of you Tadpoles try and behave yourself. heehee Enjoy your Halloweens and the continuing lovely weather and beautiful fall foliage.  Always brings a smile, doesn't it?  We'll be thinking of you too.

Hugs and much love. See ya' on the flipside!


CWMartin said...

Just keep yer heads down and stay safe, okay? See you when Verizon tells you its safe to blog.

Juli said...

Don't forget to put your toilet paper up high. In the event of a flood, no one will have any. :)

We are also ready... visit if you get a chance... Oldest and I went for a walk today to survey the "before" pictures.

I, being a member of the federal government 'emergent' personnel, will be out delivering wail tomorrow. WTF? I'll take electricity over political mail any day.

Rudee said...

Stay safe and have fun. Sounds like you have everything planned out well.

colenic said...

Stay safe...and have some fun...I have no idea when or whether this storm is going to hit us....the weather people can't seem to agree whether or not it will come up this far...check in when you can...hugs and lots of love to you and the fam...

Tessa said...

Stay safe my friend, sounds as if you are well prepared to sit out this storm. We live in one of the prairie provinces so are pretty safe from Sandy but it does sound as if she may hit Ontario with a goodly force.

EM Illustrator said...

Dear Skippy,

Stay safe there my friend, heard about it on the radio this morning.
We might get the tail of it over here, which we usually get when it hits the east coast of your country. Depending on what route it takes of course.
Will keep you in my thoughts my friend!! It's good that you're all settled and have everything prepared.
Hugs to you x

Yart said...

Good Luck Fairing the Storm of the Century! I think that I'm suppose to get hit with some crappy weather here in Michigan, cause of the storm.... You guys are in my prayers, when the storm passes let us know your ok.... even if means posting something from your phone... Cause we will worry till we here from you!

Jeannie said...

Yes, we have Sandy's tail and a winter storm warning going on. It could snow. But it wouldn't be the first time. It never occurs to me to hunker down for an emergency. One day that attitude will bite me in the ass I'm sure. Let's hope that isn't this week.

Glad you are prepared anyway. It's good to know that someone plans to survive.

sapphireblue said...

Take care girl. It's a nasty one out there.

Anonymous said...

Be safe Skippy! Good idea to eat the stuff you have, I don't want you to lose all that food like you did last year.

And I agree, while I know that this is a serious storm, the idea of staying at home, watching it unfold in your pjs? Sounds fun to me too. Hugs!