Monday, March 26, 2012

It Would Be Nice

If I posted something, huh? I know I have to post the Cherry Blossom pics, but I am still overwhelmed at the thought.  Maybe I will have Wallene guest post for me. :)  Thank you for your nice comments on the last post.  She is told that a lot because she really IS a happy kid.  And my baby sweetheart.

I have been good and have kept up with reading, commenting and visiting facebook, but there is not a whole lot going on in the pond these days that is exciting. [To you guys anyway. :)]

I do have a few things that made me go "whaaat?" this past week.

1.  My blood tests came back with good news except for two areas.  One area was my vitamin K which was a bit low.  I found this a little odd since I eat a lot of [dark] greens and cabbage, but, okay, I will be a good girl, follow the doctor's orders and pick the prescription she called in for me at Rite Aid.  For 5 pills and insurance paying some of the total the prescription cost $30.  FOR FIVE FREAKIN' VITAMIN PILLS.  THIRTY DOLLARS. Jeesh.

2.  I know they have been dooming and glooming that the price of beef was going to go up with the price of corn and gas, but holy angus steak batman. I am shocked!  One of our favorite meals is pot roast.  It used to be a cheap roast that we slow cooked to make it oh-so-moist-and-tender.  Well, one of those puppies won't be darkening my crock pot anytime soon. I checked the price today and for a roast that would feed our family of  3, with one added lunch for Dad [i.e. it was small], was $23!  Are they kidding? Food prices have sky rocketed as a whole, but that has more than doubled in price in just over a month.  I should've stocked up when I could get them for $10 each.  We bought chicken and pork instead.  It is a good thing we eat very little red meat, but when you want red meat, you really want red meat.

3.  While shopping today I actually saw a father swat his kid on the rear end with a roll of wrapping paper.  He wasn't playing around either.  The kid kept whining about something and the father told him to stop.  When the kid didn't stop the father whacked him, twice.  Great.  Now the kid was screaming bloody murder. I know the father didn't hurt him, but honestly?  If they are getting on your nerves then take them home.  And leave the wrapping paper here. [Although once home he might use his hand. :shudder:]

That's about all for today - hope everyone had a nice weekend and there is something upcoming this week that will put a smile on your face.

See ya' on the flipside!


Thisisme. said...

Hi Skippy! Good to see you here my friend. We always love to read whatever it is that you have to say. Might be a good idea to let Wallene post the cherry blossom pics. She would probably get it all done in a trice! Hee Hee! With all the prescription tablets and cream that I've been using lately, believe me, I'm so grateful for the good old British N.H.S. and over 60, everything is FREE!! Yes, the cost of food going up is getting beyond a joke. Take care my friend across the pond.

Confessions from the Hairdresser said...

I would LOVE a Wallene guest post! I think you might have to do this up and make it happen... ....or maybe a collab--like short commentaries from both of you on the same set of photos and the day that you took them or something--would at least cut your work in half ;)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I know what you mean about the prices in the grocery! Our little market in town did a remodel and they remodeled the prices, too!

Wonder what the price of those pills were without insurance....

Anonymous said...

So now I know why you were so jealous of my filet mignon price of two for $4!

Wow, that's a lot for a pot roast - but our flank steak prices are like that. Even though I splurged on my birthday, I did get six meals out the $18 price of the meat.

Happy Monday!!

Jeannie said...

I don't quite know what to make of food prices these days. The prices went up but then there are so many ridiculous sales here, that it leaves me scratching my head. Unfortunately, Gary can't leave bargain junk in the store so losing weight is a struggle. I don't buy a lot of beef but even there, Gary takes advantage of sales so we end up with 4 small (pot) roasts for $20. He'll also get sirloin roasts cut into steaks - we freeze what we aren't using right away. I wish fish and chicken were on sale as much as beef and pork.

Still, we are fortunate in getting to eat meat every day if we want to. I remember the days after Russia dropped Cuba, they were struggling so much there that even rice and beans were at a premium. Hard to complain here. We don't think of soap and toothpaste as a luxury.

Anonymous said...

Hi Skippy,
It's always nice hearing from you and read about your doings. I can't wait to see the cherry blossom pic's ^_^ I walk pass a street in the mornings on my way to the tram, and they have cherry blossoms in a row there...beautifully blooming. Brings a smile to my face each time. We've finally got some sun and warm weather over here...not a minute too late [lol]. Felt so great to get out of the office this evening, and the sun was still high in the sky.
It's a pain when everything gets more expensive :(
Have a great week my friend!
Big hugs!!

sapphireblue said...

**Sigh** The price of food is going up.

Juli said...

Um. That could have totally been me in Walmart the other day with Youngest. I was hitting him with "Happy Birthday" paper in the butt. Course, he also had a roll and it became a Jedi ninja thing that was cracking us (and everyone else around us) up.

But I know what you mean, when it's done in anger it's entirely different. Ours was done with a bit of boredom (we were waiting in a VERY long line) and ADD.


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

The price of food has gotten ridiculous, but my favorite grocery store runs so many buy one, get one free deals that I can't help but wonder why they don't just lower some of the darned prices. And some of the companies are so darned sneaky, putting things "on sale" for what sounds like a fairly good price, until you check the label and see the contents are only 75% of what they used to be. So glad you're doing okay. Looking forward to seeing some more of your cherry blossom pics. (But more important, I'm glad you felt well enough to get to go see them.)Take care.

lyndylou said...

The price of food is sky rocketing in Scotland too and the food bill is getting more and more expensive. Don't stress about posting hun, just do what you can but I am sure the Wallene would help out if she could.
Take it easy x

Yum Yucky said...

I'm the same way with red meat. I don't eat it, but then I want it and it's GOTTA be good. I go to the steakhouse and get the prime rib because I suck at roasting/baking/cooking any kinda meat. If you have roasting tips for me, please share. It might make my family like me extra.

Spadoman said...

I have a good pot roast recipe that I'll share if you want it. Like many of the others, we don't eat a lot of red meat. Mostly chicken and turkey. I eat fish, no one else does. I like to get the farm raised pastured buffalo. We have 2 buffalo ranches nearby and both sell to the public in small quantities. Less fat and cholesterol as I understand it, and none of the growth hormone stuff.
Vitamin K. That's what they give me to thicken my blood when it gets too thin from the blood thinners. Sorry it costs so damn much for pills.
Have a great day.


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

the prices of groceries has been terribl lately. i check the discount section before i put any meat into my basket. a lot of times i can get some really decent cuts of meat that go right into the freezer. i bet you shop the discount section, too (if your grocery has them).

wallene posting the pics would be good... just have her add a little commentary from you. hehe!